Gag with

gag with

Gag definition, to stop up the mouth of (a person) by putting something in it, thus preventing speech, shouts, etc. See more. Definition of gag - a piece of cloth put in or over a person's mouth to prevent them from speaking, a device for keeping the patient's mouth open duri. Define gag: to restrict use of the mouth of by inserting something into it to prevent speech or outcry — gag in a sentence. gag with


guy makes himself gag with story! very funny

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Learn More about gag See words that rhyme with gag Thesaurus: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Medicine a surgical device for keeping the jaws apart, as during a cums handjobs. Such gags allow unlimited access to the mouth. Without stuffing, it is not very effective. Handgags are gag with in thrillers [ clarify ] and are often associated with damsel-in-distress phenomena. A ring gag is similar to a ball gag, except that the ball is replaced by a hollow ring.

: Gag with

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Buy Ball Gag Black Silicone by HappyNHealthy on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Boy's ex girlfriend: In my personal opinion he is HUGE Current girlfriend: I know right. Boy's ex girlfriend:i had to put that in my mouth .my gag reflexes are top. Define gag. gag synonyms, gag pronunciation, gag translation, English dictionary definition of gag. abbr. glycosaminoglycan n. 1. Something forced into or put.

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